Iron Dragon Kung Fu Academy

This is the place to train in a traditional Chinese Martial Art.

Here at the academy, we maintain a positive atmosphere devoted to individual personal development. The values of positive attitude, discipline, and respect gained through training help us all to become well-rounded, responsible and successful individuals.

This school offers training in the renowned system of Pai Lum Tao (Way of the White Dragon) as handed down directly from the Great Grandmaster Daniel Kane Pai to Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson to Sigung Scott Muelling and then to me Sifu Lauren Mitchell.  The Pai Lum disciplines of Pai Te Lung Chuan Kung Fu, Bok Leen Pai Kenpo, Pai Yung Tai Chi, and Quan Nien Chi Kung offer an internationally proven balanced approach to realistic self-defense, health, and well-being. The mix of power and fluidity makes this an awesome, yet beautiful, art!

No matter whether you are a beginner or advanced student, you are welcome here. Please keep in mind that we are not a martial sport, we are an art!