Pricing and Fees

Tai Chi
Monthly    : $35.00 (per month)
Quarterly  : $30.00 (per month)

Kung Fu / Kenpo
Under 18 years old

Monthly    : $65.00 (per month)
Quarterly  : $60.00 (per month)

Kung Fu / Kenpo
18 years and up

Monthly    : $75.00 (per month)
Quarterly  : $70.00 (per month)

When more than one person in a family trains at the school there are continuing discounts.
$10.00 discount for the 2nd family member,
$15.00 discount for the 3rd family member
$20.00 discount for the 4th family member

Just to make sure that there are no “Hidden” costs, I want to make sure that you are all aware – so here they are:

  • There is a yearly fee of $25.00 for the student to belong to the White Dragon Warrior Society.  This is required, and will guarantee that your rank in this style will be recognized world wide.  Download the society application here.

  • Some schools have a graduated testing fee system, here at Iron Dragon Kung Fu, I have a  $50.00 flat testing fee.

  • The uniform is required and there are two packages, just the uniform is $75.00and then the uniform with all of the patches is $105.00 (which is a $25.00 savings).

  • Lastly, there are NO long term contracts required.