Pricing and Fees

Tai Chi: (Ages 16+)

Little Dragons: (Ages 5-11)

Kung Fu: (Ages 12+)

San Shao: (Ages 18+)

No contracts are ever required!

Required Fees:
For Classes within The White Dragon Warrior Society (Tai Chi, ‘Little Dragons’, Kung Fu, and San Shao):

There is an initial registration fee of $150 which will include a uniform with all of the patches and membership into the White Dragon Warrior Society for the first calendar year. Memberships renew on the first of every year for $25.00. The WDWS application can be found (here).

Testing Fees:
All WDWS members have a certified rank, and will be tested for every rank they wish to earn. At Iron Dragon, we have a flat testing fee of $50 for all levels up to adult brown sash. For levels brown, grey, and black, a review/pretest with Grandmaster Glenn C. Wilson will be required before the official test is administered. These higher level reviews and tests will be priced according to current WDWS regulations.

Discounted Rates:
For all students who wish to attend multiple classes, a discount of 50% will be applied to the lower-priced classes when paying per month or quarter.

Discounted rates will also be offered to families or friends who pay monthly or quarterly, and register multiple people at the same time.:
$10 off/month the second person
$15 off/month the third person
$20 off/month the fourth person