The School (Kwoon)

I, SiGung Scott Muelling , began my journey at Iron Dragon in December of 2007 to increase my confidence, self-esteem, physical health, and emotional balance.  Kung Fu and Tai Chi have been my primary vehicles to serve these purposes, but, more importantly, I have found friends, family, and my life’s passion.

Iron Dragon provides full curriculums in each of the four separate arts, which, combined, make up Pai Lum Tao.  These four arts are Pai Te Lung Chuan Kung Fu (the long-hand discipline), Pai Yung Tai Chi (the slow, meditative discipline), White Lotus Kenpo (the short-hand discipline), and San Shou (Chinese kickboxing). While the Kung Fu and Kenpo classes are taught within the same class periods, Tai Chi and San Shou are taught separately.  Kung Fu and Kenpo are also broken down into childrens’, juniors’, and adults’ curriculums.   Please see our ‘Hours’ page to view the weekly class schedule.